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Terms and Conditions for Photography Services

1: This agreement lays out the terms and conditions (hereafter known as “the Agreement”) of services to be provided by Neil Foulks for, hereafter known as “the Photographer” 

2: This Agreement is for the Photographer to photograph the Event as requested by the Client in the initial meeting (to take place in person or online) before the Event where the requests of the Client will be made clear to the Photographer and vice-versa, and an agreement in principle will be made to hold harmless the photographer should any issues arise during the following stages of the booking, the Event, the Venue and guests, timings or the payment of fees owed to the Photographer and the delivery of the images to the Client.

3: Once the agreement in principle has been made, a non-refundable deposit of £125 will be requested by the Photographer to secure the booking, the balance of the sum owed will be paid by the Client to the Photographer before the twenty-eighth day before the Shoot Date. If the initial meeting takes place less than twenty-eight days prior to the Shoot Date, the total fee is payable upon acceptance of this Agreement.

4: The Client has the right to cancel at any time up to and including the twenty-nineth day before the Shoot Date, for a full refund (minus the £125 deposit). Cancellation after this date will result in all monies paid to the Photographer being forfeited to cover the Photographer for loss of earnings. The Photographer has the right to cancel at any time leading up to and including the Shoot Date and will refund all monies paid back to the Client minus the initial deposit, but this will ONLY happen in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances as the Photographer’s number one aim is to make the Client happy.
The Photographer may also cancel the Shoot during the Event if he is taken ill or is subjected to any acts of violence/ aggression or intimidation by anyone at the Venue be they a guest, the Client, employee of the venue or otherwise, if his equipment is damaged by way of a result of any said acts, catastrophic equipment failure, natural disaster or closure of the Venue for any reason.
The Photographer will always do his utmost to ensure the recording of the Event is carried out in as professional a manner as possible and always respect the dignity of any subjects photographed. This includes staying later than the scheduled Shoot Time if possible/necessary.

5: After the Shoot has ended the images will be edited and uploaded for digital transfer online to the email address provided by the Client within seven days of the end of the Shoot Date, but usually seventy-two hours in most cases.

6: As the Photographer may use any or all images captured at the event as marketing and promotional material either online or in print, should the Client wish that certain images are not used for this purpose there will be a fee of £25 per image.

7: Any persons under the age of eighteen years must be accompanied by their parent/guardian or consenting adult. This will be taken as consent for the images taken to be used for promotional purposes either in print or online (but generally, we don't advertise images of minors).

8: GDPR. Your details will be stored on a secure device and/or kept in a locked file for HMRC purposes. You may be emailed with information regarding offers and discounts from time to time, but not more than every two weeks for marketing purposes.

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