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Party Photography Done Properly


At I help people to have a better record of their event, be it a birthday, reception, engagement, office party - anywhere where people are in their happy place and they want to record it for prosperity (or Facebook!)

Photo booths and disposable cameras are a means to an end, but are not the answer. A dedicated party photographer is, and here's a few reasons why:

1: A pack of 10 disposable cameras costs around £150 these days (and that's without processing the film!)

2: A photo booth will do quality images, but it's a booth - you won't have the ambience of the party going on around you, so you could be anywhere.

A dedicated party photographer will solve both of these and (in my case) will be cheaper AND you get all your images in one place - to your email inbox within 48 hours.

It just makes sense to get a pro to do the photos when you've spent good money on a venue, food, decorations and maybe even drinks. Be a shame to not have good quality images to remember it by, wouldn't it?

Til next time. Love to all.


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