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King's Coronation Party Photography FREE! (ish)

Hey, party-poppers!

To mark the coronation of our new King this weekend 6/7th May 2023 I am offering my services in a slightly different way than usual, so I can help as many communities as possible across East Kent with the photography of their street/house/garden party.

For FREE (ish) - but please give whatever you can afford to help a struggling entrepreneur change the way we think about how life events are photographed.

To book, simply get in touch by calling 07477961906 or email and I'll pop round and do my thing for a minimum of 15 minutes, take any donations people are happy to give and the images will be emailed to your inbox within a few days. Simples. Quality images of your efforts to celebrate our new monarch and all for a few quid from a whip-round. Happy days.


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