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24/01/2023 So What's So Different About Partyphoto And Why Choose Me?

Updated: Feb 26

To answer this question I've simply added a transcript from an email I sent to one of Britain's most popular wedding magazines, explaining why I am doing what I am and why I think that wedding reception photography should be a "thing" in its own right. Put the kettle on first and grab the biscuits...

I have made it my mission in life to change the way we think about wedding photography by making the photography of the reception a thing in its own right, focusing on the guests more as the bride and groom have had their day photographed up to and including the cutting of the cake, the dance and the speeches, maybe a few photos of the other guests dancing - but not all of them as not all guests at the reception are able to make it to the ceremony as well.

Traditionally, after this, there is little or no coverage of the evenings' celebration and every wedding I have been to has had either disposable cameras on the tables or relied on the terrible quality of the mobile phone images the guests have taken to record the evening after the media pros have left the building.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of couples do realise there is a party to cover and make allowances for this by asking the day photographer to stay later and this is where I have identified the gap in the market:

1: How creative are you after 8+ hours of working?

A: A 2nd shooter could do this bit, but not all photographers have one and this ups their price considerably.

2: Wedding photographers I have spoken to tend to try and get away after the cake, dance and speeches and a few shots of the reception guests. Fair enough, they've had a long day and a lot of editing is to be done.

A: I START after the cake and speeches, so I am awake and alert and full of beans raring to go and immerse myself into the thick of the action....and cake! My photography is not only fun, but engaging and I have a knack of capturing the moment.

3: Wedding photography and reception photography are two completely different genres. One is posed and the photographer has total control over the lighting, location, surroundings (but not the weather!) lol. The other is photo-journalistic, reportage and more natural with the guests and happy couple portrayed relaxing, letting their hair down after a long day.

A: 2 different genres of photography should require 2 different photographers - both masters in their own field.

4: Guests at a reception are not always all from the ceremony and may not be captured by the day photographer at all (this has happened to me a few times due to daytime work commitments, but could also be down to too many guests and a small ceremony location).

A: Partyphoto will capture as many guests as possible creating a quality, memorable record of their attendance for the happy couple for a minimum of 2 hours.

5: This gathering is usually of people from far and wide and as I see it, a missed opportunity to capture the guests - some may not have been seen by the happy couple for years or decades and may never be seen again.

A: A reception photographer will put paid to that issue.

6: Pricepoint: With little or no competition I have little to compare my prices to. Suffice it to say, it isn't wedding photographer prices. Just a few hundred pounds.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but in between the "no's" I have had a few "yes's" by wedding suppliers who can think out of the box and realise that I have something here. While I was conducting my market research I was informed by several wedding suppliers of photographers wanting to get away after a long day - fatigue effects your ability to think straight and in turn effects creativity.

My problem is getting people to understand that there is a definite need for a dedicated reception photographer to take full advantage of the people gathered to celebrate this special day.

But why choose instead of anyone else?

Because I am not a wedding photographer. I'm a party photographer. This is what I do. I am in my happy place photographing people in their happy place. I've been doing it professionally since 2016 in night clubs and festivals across the South East of England.

I won't take hundreds upon hundreds of images in the hope that one will turn out just right. I get it right first time, because it's about capturing the moment. A split-second, blink-and-you-miss-it moment in time.

I've always been able to do this, but only recently had the cojones to go at it full-tilt. I'm not doing it because I fancied a career change, I'm doing it because I was born to do it - this has become more apparent over the last few years. I help people.

In 5 years time I'd love to hear people say "who photographed your wedding?" followed by... "And who did you get to photograph the reception?" as if it was - and should be - two different shoots.

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